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Family Law and Probate in The Woodlands, TX

Andrew J. Bolton, Esq.: Family Law Services Throughout Texas

Philosophy: Family law encompasses a broad spectrum of legal practices. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. has experience providing family law legal in the Woodlands, Huntsville, and surrounding areas. This experience serves us well when we represent our clients in the midst of family law litigation. We approach each case with compassion and devote ourselves to seeing the case to completion, with attention paid to looking out for our clients’ interests. Whether seeking an fair allocation of property, or in ensuring that our client retains custody of a child, we use this experience to further our reputation for excellence.

Reliable Family Law Services

Reliability: If you are currently facing a divorce, a child custody fight, or another type of family law issue, consider retaining Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. to help resolve it. We understand that these types of situations can be emotionally taxing, which is why an experienced attorney can help guide you through these tough times delicately and professionally. Our firm is accustomed to handling family law cases of all sizes, having represented divorce clients involving estates worth more than $10 million, as well as those having cash assets exceeding $2.5 million in value. Whether you are seeking family law services for child support and custody issues, property disputes, or high-profile network concerns, Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. has the expertise to help you reach the settlement you deserve. Request a case evaluation today to let us know how we can help you and your family!

Our Family Law Lawyer Covers a Range of Legal Issues

Disputes between spouses or partners often involve both children and assets, and can grow fraught and contentious. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. is here to represent you during such challenging times. Our goal is to always deliver a satisfactory resolution to your case. By being accessible, we aim to provide exceptional customer service. We built a reputation for offering services like probate and estate planning, and we’re proud to do so for a range of family law situations, including:

  • Divorce: Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. can help The Woodlands, Texas, residents sort through their divorce. We assist our clients through each step and we protect their rights. While we always recommend an uncontested divorce, we regularly represent our clients in contested divorces as well. Part of our responsibilities includes resolving matters involving property division, child custody, and alimony, as well as defending parental rights. We know divorce is hard, so our legal team is here to make it easier.
  • Child Custody: For couples with children, litigation is more challenging. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. handles divorce and custody cases where children are involved and we seek to find a custody solution best for our client as well as for the child. We do understand the nuances of custody law and make sure to protect our clients’ rights throughout the process. We also handle child support negotiations—a critical part of the divorce proceedings.
  • Child Support: In contested situations where our client wins custody of their children, we can act on their behalf to ensure they receive sufficient child support or, contrariwise, to make sure the payments they are required to make are fair and just. Our focus is on what is best for the client and the children. We also understand the need for extra protection for fathers.
  • Fathers’ Rights: We protect fathers’ rights at our practice. According to the Texas Family Code, all fathers should have the right to physical possession of the child at designated times and locations. Fathers’ rights also including having a say about educational decisions, often consultation with the other parent.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements exist to determine how assets, liabilities, or spousal support might be allocated in the event of divorce, annulment, or death. They save time, money, and pain in the event that a divorce occurs, and Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. has years of experience negotiating and finalizing these agreements. We often advise couples in which one partner has considerable assets to seek and enter into a prenuptial agreement.
  • Spousal Support and Spousal Maintenance: There are two forms of alimony in Texas. One in a temporary arrangement which occurs during the divorce proceedings, and the other is more long-term wherein payments may be ordered for a period of several years. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. helps his client’s sort through alimony, ensuring his clients either receive their fair share or pay a manageable amount to their former partner.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Clients in The Woodlands, TX

Our clients trust us to oversee divorce proceedings, protect their assets, secure child custody and support, and much more. They also entrust us with the task of ensuring their beneficiaries are taken care of when they pass away. We draft wills, take care of probate, and much more for The Woodlands, TX residents. We help them make sure their legacy is protected and assets fairly distributed. Learn more about our probate and wills services or contact us for a case evaluation. Whether you’re looking to the future or trying to navigate your way through a divorce, we can help.

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