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Divorce Mediation Services

Ensuring a divorce is as amicable as possible is in the best interest of all parties involved. Mediation can help. Though not always required by the court, mediation is a beneficial and cost-effective opportunity to resolve important issues before they progress. 

What is mediation?

During mediation, a neutral third party –  your mediator –  will listen to the concerns of both parties and attempt to find a common ground or a solution that is agreeable to everyone. A mediator is different from a judge in that he or she does not make decisions or judgments; rather, the goal is to assist the former partners in reaching an agreement. It is not unusual for divorce mediators to make agreements uniquely suited to the former couple and their needs. 

Is mediation right for you?

While divorce mediation can be incredibly helpful, it is not ideal for all parties. Good candidates for mediation are typically disputants with respectful relationships toward one another, a mature communication style, the ability to articulate their needs and wants, and the capacity to respect the needs and wants of their former partner. Sensitive topics are often discussed during the mediation process, and it is important to keep this in mind when considering legal mediation. Mediation is not a good fit for parties where violence has occurred at any point. 

Benefits of mediation

Mediation has numerous benefits, such as: 

  • It is cost-effective. In fact, a successful mediation can reduce the cost of litigation by 40% to 60% percent. 
  • The mediation process is less stressful than appearing in court. Mediation sessions are typically held in a calm, neutral environment. On the other hand, the divorce process can be quite a trying time, and not having to appear before a judge can absolutely lessen the emotional burden. 
  • Mediation serves to foster cooperation instead of conflict. 
  • Children often benefit from mediation too. Less conflict means a more peaceful home and a greater chance of successful co-parenting and joint custody. 
  • The mediator’s job is to help both parties, so each individual can feel confident that the mediator has his or her best interests in mind. He or she is completely impartial. 
  • Mediation can simplify the divorce process. Even if you do not come to an agreement on everything, mediation services often help couples reach a resolution on most major issues. 
  • Mediation is confidential. Your mediator cannot be called to testify against you. 

Mediation in Texas

While the state of Texas does not mandate mediation in all family law cases, many judges require it. Per the Texas Family Code, the court will enter a final order based on the agreements reached in mediation. Texas is unique in that it has been a major proponent of mediation since the early 1990s. In fact, up to 80% of Texas divorce cases are settled in mediation. Because of this, the greater Houston area is home to numerous highly-qualified family lawyers and mediators. Andrew J. Bolton, ESQ can help you determine whether mediation is a good fit for you. Call us to get started today. 

Contact us also to learn about divorce mediation in Conroe and Huntsville, Texas. 

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