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Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. has over 20 years of experience serving The Woodlands, TX with estate planning, family law, and probate law. Our experience has taught us to provide our clients with all the information they need to understand the details of their case entirely. While we’re here to handle the legal aspects of your case, it doesn’t hurt to develop your knowledge. Our commitment means we’ve compiled several frequently asked questions, each of which is designed to aid you in pursuing a successful resolution to your case.

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Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. wants our clients to understand the importance of knowledge. As family law, probate, and estate planning legal experts, we understand the complex nature of many of the cases we work on at our firm. Moreover, we know how stressful and tense some of these situations are, which is why we’ve compiled FAQ sections for you. Read below for brief primers on what to expect and then read the FAQ that applies to your situation.

  • Divorce Frequently Asked Questions: Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. handles both uncontested and contested divorces. We believe it is vital for our clients to have all the facts before a divorce. For instance, having a grasp of the likelihood of success in a litigation is critical. To learn about these topics and more, read our divorce FAQ. A more educated client is a client better equipped to deal with litigation decisions as well as the stress and difficulty of the divorce process.
  • Will Frequently Asked Questions: Wills are essential if you want to ensure the long-term peace of mind for your family members once you pass. Our law firm handles probate and estate planning for The Woodlands, Texas, residents, as well as those living in Southeast Texas. We’re well-known for our services in this area, which is why we’ve included a frequently asked questions section on wills. Have you ever wondered whether you should hire a lawyer for a will? Of whether you’re too young to do so . . . or whether a living trust is a better option? Fortunately, we have the answers. Reading this FAQ before calling us for a case evaluation is helpful because it enables you to get a jump start and glean more detailed information once we meet.
  • Grandparents Seeking Custody Frequently Asked Questions: In certain cases, grandparents feel the need to pursue custody of their grandchildren. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. understands the complicated and challenging nature of such situations. Emotions are likely running high and family members are often at odds. We believe information is the best cure for these high-tension cases. View our frequently asked questions section, as the details there may be valuable. Our firm can help establish the proof and documentation which you may need to win custody.
  • Prenuptial Agreements Frequently Asked Questions: We don’t consider prenuptial agreements to be a bad thing at all. Indeed, Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. often advises his clients to pursue them in situations where clients require that extra protection. Prenuptial agreements are collaborative by nature, but they still need the input of a skilled lawyer to draft properly. Learn more about prenuptial agreements here. Both you and your partner will benefit from the extra information that comes with research, as well as the one-on-one face time with our lawyers.

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Our firm handles family law and probate and wills. We can resolve divorces, seek custody of your children, win alimony and child support, and protect fathers’ rights, among other things. If you need estate planning services, Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. can handle everything from wills to contested probate. Our firm prides itself on our diverse and comprehensive legal portfolio. Contact us today to learn more about us and schedule a case evaluation.

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