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Reputable High-Asset Divorce Lawyer in Huntsville and The Woodlands

Deciding how assets are divided in a divorce can be a touchy and difficult subject to address, especially when it comes to a high net worth divorce. Questions of alimony, hidden money and assets, and allocation of property must be discussed and negotiated.

During this time, it is critical to hire a reputable high-asset divorce lawyer who has proven experience in divorce financial settlement and trial. The Law Offices of Andrew J Bolton, Esq., can offer you this competency and expertise. Call today to arrange your initial consultation.

What happens during a divorce financial settlement?

When you have a consultation with our divorce lawyer, we will take the time to fully understand your situation so we can best represent your interests.

Whether you are filing an alimony claim for or against a spouse, there are some fundamental issues that need to be decided upon and clarified. Prior to filing suit, we will go over the financial issues that might arise during the divorce settlement negotiations. For instance:

  • Will there be a claim for a disproportionate division of the assets due to fault in the break-up of the marriage or a disparity in earning power?
  • Where child support is likely to be ordered and a party makes a substantial income, what is the likelihood the Court will increase child support from the Family Code’s “guidelines?”
  • Will there be issues concerning the management of important assets during the pendency of the divorce (businesses, ranches, farms, etc.)?
  • Will there be a claim by a party that another party has hidden assets?
  • What will be the living arrangements for the parties while the divorce is pending?
  • Will there be a need for a private investigator or hiring an expert witness to review finances?

Based upon these and other inquiries, we will go ahead and file suit.

Reducing financial harm

High net worth divorces are often a difficult time between the two parties involved. As such, we will often seek to have the Court impose a temporary restraining order upon filing suit. It might sound aggressive, but it’s often best for both parties, as it prohibits the parties from financially harming the other while the case is pending.

Revealing hidden money and assets

Unfortunately, it often happens that one or both parties are hiding assets in divorce. However, while the case is ongoing, the parties will conduct discovery. Discovery includes:

  • Sending to the opposing party a request for admission of certain facts
  • A request to respond to certain questions under oath
  • A request for needed documents
  • An in-person deposition to solidify a party’s contentions prior to trial

This is intended to reveal any hidden assets or money in order for assets to be divided appropriately in a divorce.

Reaching a divorce settlement

There are a few different ways a high net worth divorce can conclude. Sometimes it’s possible to reach a divorce settlement through mediation, while other times the case will go to trial. If that’s the situation, then your attorney will discuss whether you would prefer the case considered by a jury or a judge.

Hire a high net worth divorce lawyer

If you’re looking to ensure your interests are fully represented during your divorce, consult our law office as soon as possible. The sooner you reach out for an initial consultation, the more confident you can be in the next steps to take.

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