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Is your spouse refusing to sign divorce papers? Are you worried about repeating the same ugly divorce war you’ve witnessed friends go through? Or perhaps you are unsure whether you and your spouse can come to an agreement about key divorce elements, such as spousal support, property division, and child custody?

At the law office of Andrew J. Bolton, Esq., we can assist you with a contested divorce, and we work to make the divorce process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Exactly what is a contested divorce?

As a rule, we try to recommend proceeding with an uncontested divorce; one in which you and your spouse reach agreements on the outstanding divorce issues. However, sometimes reaching such an agreement simply isn’t possible, and one spouses refuses to sign off on a reasonable proposal. In such contested divorce cases, our experienced attorney will represent you in court where we’ll fight for a decision that’s fair to you.

Reasons for contested divorces

A wide range of reasons can lead to a contested divorce, all coming down to disagreement in one or more areas of the divorce. For example, you may disagree about how to divide up property. Perhaps your spouse may disagree with you about child custody arrangements or child support. Since Texas is a community property state, sometimes there’s disagreement about what is community property and what is separate property. All these elements can have a significant impact on you for the rest of your life. This is why it’s key to have an experienced contested divorce attorney represent you and your interests.

Contested divorce procedures in Texas

A contested divorce invariably takes longer to finalize than an uncontested divorce, because there are various elements which need to be determined, agreed upon, or adjudicated. Typically, a contested divorce will include temporary orders, discovery, pretrial motions, mediation, and a final hearing. While courts encourage couples to reach settlements before getting to the trial stage, sometimes this is not possible. You must have counsel who is committed to laying “everything on the table,” at trial. If a court rules against you, it’s better knowing that you left nothing behind and provided your best case. After trial is no time to second guess whether you should have called that extra witness, or provided that additional document. We are extremely pleased with our success rate in contested cases. Nevertheless, all might not go as intended, even with a favorable ruling. In such cases, you may choose to appeal a judge’s decision, and this, obviously, lengthens the process.

Preparing for a contested divorce

As you prepare for a contested divorce, it’s key to get your assets and paperwork in order, as well as establish an emotional support network. Here’s some advice to get you started:

  • Hire an experienced divorce attorney who you feel comfortable with, and who will fight for your needs to protect your interests.
  • Gather records of all of your assets, debts, and income; and bring in tax returns, debt records, and other financial documents to your divorce attorney.
  • If child custody will be contested, start off on the right foot by keeping a journal of interactions between yourself and spouse while with the children, including when and where they stay with each of you and whether there are any troublesome incidents that make you worried for their well being.
  • Find a good therapist or talk with family and friends to develop a strong emotional support system for the divorce process.
  • And always assume that your spouse may be playing hardball, even if it appears that your dispute is relatively minor. Be careful of being recorded by your spouse. Assuming that you are being watched on your free time. Perhaps you might even consider reviewing your computer to determine whether there’s a keylogger of secret software which records your internet browsing history.

Why it’s critical to have a good contested divorce attorney

The issues decided in the divorce process can completely change your life far beyond the separation from your partner. Division of property, division of debt, child custody arrangements, child support, and spousal support can all have significant, lifelong impacts. This is why it’s key to hire an experienced divorce attorney to ensure your interests are protected.

At the law office of Andrew J. Bolton, Esq., we provide affordable, experienced contested divorce services in Woodlands and Huntsville, TX. Call us today at (936) 435-1908 to schedule a consultation for your contested divorce.

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