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Andrew J. Bolton, Esq.’s Estate Planning Services

Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. provides numerous estate planning and probate services to our Montgomery County, Texas clients. We’re building a reputation on our willingness to go the extra mile and our ability to provide 24/7 legal support. We believe planning for the future is essential, and so we encourage you to start planning your estate now. Read more about our estate planning and probate services below.

Secure Your Family’s Future with Estate Planning and Probate

Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. provides valuable estate planning and probate services to Montgomery County, TX residents. Our estate planning services include:

  • Probate: Probate is typically the process through which a judge confirms the validity and effect of a will. One important thing to note about probate is that disagreements about property distribution do not have to exist for a probate to become necessary. While not all estate cases require a probate, when they do, it is critical to hire a qualified attorney to guide you through the process. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. can help you and your family members move on with the grieving process.
  • Wills: Don’t put off establishing a rock-solid will. Even if you’re in good health, your will is crucial to providing for your family after you are gone. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. can help choose an executor, update the will terms, craft language to prevent future misunderstandings and problems after you’ve passed. Wills also speed up the probate process (and costs) for your surviving family members and greatly reduce attorney fees. Additionally, when you choose through your will who inherits your prized possessions, you are in charge of protecting your legacy.
  • Estate Planning: You have an estate, regardless of your wealth, which is why all Montgomery County, TX residents benefit from estate planning. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. helps their clients plan every aspect of what happens following their passing. In addition to managing probate and will drafting, proper estate planning includes continual updates and trust establishment. We believe every individual should hire a law firm and commence their estate plan. If nothing else, doing so helps your surviving family members grieve without the added stress of settling a difficult estate.
  • Contested Probate or Wills: Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. understands that not every will or estate is concretely established. When this happens, we offer support for a contested probate proceeding. During a contested will case, our legal team works to establish your legal right over property due to you under the law. Whether in the form of assets, real estate, or treasured personal possessions, we’ll ensure you receive what is rightfully yours.
  • Guardianships: Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. handles adult and minor guardianships, a necessary step when an individual cannot manage their affairs. Texas has designed its guardianships to help those who cannot care for themselves and to protect them. If your loved one needs a guardianship, our legal team approaches the situation with compassion. We understand the situation sometimes involves tension. Our goal is to protect both yours and your loved one’s interests. Contact Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. for capable power of attorney service.
  • Trusts: Trusts are a common legal strategy for dispersal of assets, but you need to handle them carefully. Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. is here to make sure your trust is set up correctly. Trusts are an efficient way to ensure your loved ones are taken care of following your passing. You can use a trust to disperse assets to beneficiaries both during your life as well as after passing. Contact us today for a case evaluation. We have offices in both The Woodlands and Huntsville, TX, both of which are ready to handle estate planning issues.
  • Family Settlement Agreements: Family settlement agreements (FSA) are a useful legal tool relatively unique to Texas law. We use FSAs in a variety of circumstances, with the common goal being simplicity. For instance, Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. recommends an FSA if a will is legally invalid, does not address the entire estate, is poorly drafted, or creates unhappiness in any other way. Essentially, these agreements allow for families with changing situations to reconcile and reach a fair deal by writing an alternative arrangement. However, strict regulations apply to this law.

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Andrew J. Bolton, Esq. provides valuable legal services to those living throughout Montgomery County, including individuals in Houston, The Woodlands, and Huntsville, TX. While we’re well-known for our ability to draft wills and plan estates, we’re also capable of providing support in family law cases. We can bring a satisfactory resolution to divorce cases where possible and secure child support and custody. For family law and estate and probate services, contact Andrew J. Bolden, Esq. today. We offer case evaluations, so you can decide whether to proceed with our services.

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