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We Help to Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves

If an individual is unable to make decisions on their own, then a guardianship may help them manage his or her affairs. At the law office of Andrew J. Bolton, we have experience in setting up guardianships to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Helping a Disabled Loved One Through Guardianship

If you’ve been told you can’t help your aging parent or a special needs family member because you don’t have a power of attorney, you still may be able to help them by pursuing a guardianship appointment. To be sure, having a power of attorney is the less expensive option, but a guardianship can certainly assist you in managing the affairs of an incapacitated family member. Remember, having a power of attorney for someone who is incapacitated is an important responsibility which must be taken seriously; and with a guardianship–even more so. They need someone who helps get them either medical care or perhaps manage their financial affairs. The process is important and requires you to retain an attorney who is experienced and maintains attention to all the details.

Making Key Decisions for an Incapacitated Family Member

At the law office of Andrew J. Bolton, we handle all aspects of securing a guardianship for a disabled child or adult family member. This process requires you to acknowledge that a loved one can no longer act in his or her best interests. As a result, key decisions must be made in pursuing a certain type of medical treatment, buying property, receiving payments from the sale of property, or ensuring that bills are paid. In many cases, there are two types of guardianships available. The first is a guardianship “over the person,” which allows the guardian to make personal decisions such as where to live, education, medical care, etc. The second is a guardianship “over the estate” or a financial guardianship. In this case, the guardian will often be appointed to allocate funds received by the beneficiary in a manner which will best assist that beneficiary.

Comprehensive Guardianship Experience in Probate Court

Clients seeking guardianships have benefited from our experience in guardianship proceedings. In counties with a probate court, guardianships are filed there. If a county has no probate or county court at law, then they are filed with the county judge. We will help you with all the steps necessary to help make important life decisions on behalf of your child or adult family member.

Guardianships for Adults and Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney gives a person a legal right to engage in personal and financial transactions on behalf of the grantor, even if the grantor is incapacitated. If the agent holding the power of attorney is not seeking your loved one’s best interest, then perhaps a guardianship may be necessary to quash the agent’s authority to act. After the cow’s out of the barn, it may be much more difficult to cure self-dealing or other issues involving the agent’s actions. To get more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a guardianship or power of attorney, please contact Andrew J. Bolton, Attorney at Law, in Huntsville or The Woodlands, Texas, at 936-435-1908.

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