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In the event of a divorce, parental parties must agree on child custody terms for their children. Child custody determines which parent has the right to make major decisions involved in rearing a child (such as residence, health care, education, religious upbringing, and others). Child custody also determines how much time the child will spend with each parent, as well as child support payments between parents.

Below, our legal team here at The Law Offices of Andrew J. Bolton, Esq, has compiled a short guide to child custody with helpful information on the legal process involved in determining child custody, the various types of child custody, and more. Read on to learn more, and contact our Texas law firm at (936) 435-1908 today!

How Child Custody Decisions Are Made

Child custody decisions are made in one of two ways: in court or out of court. If both parental parties in a divorce can reach an agreement on child custody and visitation rights out of court, then documentation can be drawn up and put into effect with the help of an attorney. If not, the child custody case will go to a court, where a presiding judge will determine custody agreements. To learn more about how custody agreements are made in a court of law, we recommend contacting our legal team directly.

The Different Types of Child Custody

There are two primary types of child custody, physical custody and legal custody.

Physical custody determines where a child will have his or her primary residence, whereas legal custody determines which parent will get to make major decisions involving a child’s upbringing. In many cases, parents are awarded joint custody, which can apply to both physical and legal custody. In other cases, one parent may be awarded custody, and the other may receive visitation rights and may be required to pay child support.

Child Custody vs. Child Support

While child custody deals with issues concerning the physical location of a child and parenting decisions such as education, health care, and others, child support deals with how a child is financially supported. The parent with custody will ostensibly be spending more time with the child, and will thus be paying money out of his or her own to pocket to raise the child. In most cases, the non-custodial parent will be required by law to make routine financial contributions to the custodial parent to also support the child. These payments are known as child support.

Why Hiring an Attorney is Vital to Your Child Custody Case

Since many child custody cases are settled in court, it is important to have an experienced an attorney on your side to protect your interests in the event of a child custody dispute. Our legal team here at The Law Office of Andrew J. Bolton has over 20 years of experience serving individuals in child custody disputes in The Woodlands, TX and the surrounding regions. Led by Andrew J. Bolton, Esq., our team will provide you with comprehensive legal counsel and representation to relentlessly pursue the most favorable outcome for you and your child.

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