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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Write Your Will

Will Lawyer in The Woodlands

A number of people take a do-it-yourself approach to creating a will and assume they don’t need to consult with a will lawyer in The Woodlands . However, each state has very specific requirements for drafting a will, which must be followed in order for the will to be legally valid. If you do not know what these requirements are, how do you know that you’ve complied with them? Meeting with a will lawyer can help someone ensure transfer of assets, guardianship of children, and other estate decisions are handled properly. will attorney the woodlands

Meet state requirements
Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a professional when drafting a will is to make sure that your will meets Texas’s unique will-drafting requirements. Some lawyers even offer free consultations for the purpose of discussing wills and trusts. If you don’t meet your state’s requirements in drafting a will, then you may lose the opportunity to make decisions regarding the division of your estate and guardianship of your children. Without a proper will upon death, state statutes will dictate the division of your assets between your spouse and children. On the other hand, a will attorney can help you ensure certain assets are given to specific loved ones. Additionally, consulting with an attorney allows you to make an educated choice in determining who will be responsible for your children after your death.

Lessen family disputes
Self-created wills can be easy to change and update. Unfortunately, this means that overzealous relatives can take advantage of an elderly family member and convince him or her to alter the will in a particular favor. A will lawyer makes sure that clients have the capacity to write and change their wills, which reduces the likelihood of bitter family disputes and lengthy court battles.

Reduce expensive court costs
Drafting a will on your own and failing to do so properly opens your family up to painful legal battles after your death. This means that while do-it-yourself will drafting may be cheaper initially, it also could end up costing your family thousands in subsequent court fees and legal battles. Ensuring your will is drafted properly can also help ensure your family won’t be fighting over property or guardianship issues after you die.