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What to Expect During an Evidentiary Hearing in Your Child Custody Case

When you hire a child custody attorney near Spring, TX, he or she will advise you of what to expect from all stages of the legal process. If you and the other parent cannot come to an agreement regarding child custody , then you may need to attend an evidentiary hearing. During this hearing, your family law attorney will represent you. Nevertheless, you and the other parent will have to testify under oath. While you are under oath, the other parent’s family law attorney will ask you questions, which you are required by law to answer truthfully. Just remember, in a court proceeding, if you do not remember something or do not know the answer to a question, you should say so.

To hear more about the role of the evidentiary hearing in family law, watch this video and consult your child custody lawyer. This expert discusses which other individuals may be questioned under oath at the hearing, such as a minor child. Additionally, certain experts may be called to testify.