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When to Modify Child Support Agreements

Child Support Agreements

During divorce proceedings, child support is usually one of the most contentious issues. While courts often invoke a “one size fits all” child support order, a competent attorney can request that a court consider a number of factors when awarding child support, including the age of the children and each party’s ability to pay. Moreover, it often becomes necessary to adjust child suppot in Conroe, TX when changes in need, or income, occur. When this happens, a family lawyer can help you file the correct paperwork and make your case for modification. Here are some of the circumstances that may make you eligible to change your child support agreement.

Short-Term Emergencies Child Support
Temporary child support modifications can be awarded to address short-term emergencies. Some of the circumstances that may make you eligible for this temporary modification including one parent being laid-off from work, or the child, or a parent, experiences a medical emergency. For instance, if you lost your job and cannot pay the same amount of child support, a court may temporarily adjust your payments until you start working again. But you must ask. Likewise, if you have custody of a child who has a medical emergency, you may request additional child support payments temporarily to help pay for treatment costs.

Change in Income
Beginning in 2018, changes in income alone no longer will constitute a sufficient reason for a child support modification. Where there is a “material and substantial change” in the circumstances of a paying spouse, then that might form the basis for modification, but no longer is a mere increase in his or her salary sufficient.

Change in Need
Child support agreements can be amended if a child has a change in his or her needs. For instance, he or she may have additional expenses associated with medical costs for a chronic condition or be entering college and need tuition money. A family lawyer can provide legal advice to help you determine if a permanent change in need exists that could make you eligible for a modification.