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Understanding the Basics of a Trust

Will Lawyer in Houston

Trusts are estate planning tools that are used to transfer property to someone to manage it on behalf of the property owner for a beneficiary. Trusts can be helpful in keeping all or part of an estate out of probate, saving beneficiaries a great deal of time and money. As with all parts of estate planning, it is crucial to work with a will lawyer in Houston when setting up a trust to make sure it is properly executed.

When a trust is established, the beneficiaries and the trustee who will manage it must be identified. The trustee is obligated to manage the trust solely for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Failing to do so means that the trustee could be removed. Trusts can be used in conjunction with a will or instead of one, depending on your individual estate planning needs. Your will lawyer will consider many different factors, including the size of your estate and your designated beneficiaries, to help you decide how trusts can factor into your overall estate plan.