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Blog Posts in March, 2017

The Basics of Estate Tax Planning

One of the questions most frequently asked of estate planning attorneys near The Woodlands is how a person can minimize estate taxes for the benefit of the heirs. Estate taxes are primarily a concern ...
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7 Instances When You Need an Estate Attorney [Infographic]

A proliferation of online legal forms have made many people assume that they can do things like prepare a will without the assistance of an estate planning attorney. However, hiring an estate planning ...
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The Types of Decisions Made by Guardians

You may already be familiar with the concept of a legal guardian as it applies to the care of minor children. But did you know that a guardianship can benefit people of all ages? If you take care of ...
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The Basics of Probate

In a probate court, a decedent’s will is either authenticated or it is declared invalid. The probate process involves the distribution of the estate to the decedent’s beneficiaries and ...
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