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The Probate Process at a Glance

Probate Court in The Woodlands

The Probate Process at a Glance The Woodlands

A probate court in the Woodlands handles the legal process that occurs once someone dies, including appraising the deceased person’s property and distributing property according to the will. Probate usually involves court appearances by a probate lawyer, who receives compensation from estate property. The process begins when the person named as executor to the will, or a person appointed by a judge, files paperwork with the local probate court.

During this time, the executor to the will must find, secure, and manage assets throughout the probate process, which can take several months to a year. Depending on the amount of the deceased’s debts, the executor may talk to a probate attorney about selling the real estate, securities, or property. In most states, family members can ask the court to release short-term funds during the proceedings to pay for necessary expenses. The court can then grant the executor permission to pay the debts and taxes before dividing the remainder according to the will. The last step of the probate process is transferring the property ownership to the new property owners.