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Moving To Texas?

Welcome to Texas! Most newcomers find that, apart from our sometimes cranky weather, Texas is perhaps the best state in which to reside. Texas has low taxes, low regulation, low prices, and one of the country’s easiest probate systems! But to take advantage of our fast and easy probate process, it is often necessary to update your will to obtain the benefits of a Texas probate.

As with most things in the legal arena, there are often certain “magic words” which must be used in order to fast track and simplify the probate of your will. Whether you are young and just starting out, or whether you are closer to retirement than most, a redraft of your will can result in peace of mind–before and after you are gone.

It’s important if you are moving in from another state to seriously consider a will redraft. Although I’m not 100% certain, I hear that a will redraft is much harder after you are gone!

Contact us for an inexpensive review of your will. If one is not needed, we will tell you. If a redraft is in order, then it is the most cost-effective way of gaining peace of mind.