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What Is the Role of an Executor In Probate?

Last Will and Testament

To ensure that your family is adequately protected after your passing, it’s important that you speak with a probate law attorney. As you and your lawyer discuss your will , you will need to decide who to name as your executor; that individual whom you trust to carry out the terms of your will. The Woodlands probate law attorney, Andrew J. Bolton, will gladly discuss the role of executors in further detail.

In short, after a person dies, an executor must organize and wrap up the deceased’s affairs. This involves settling debts, preserving property, distributing inheritance, and taking care of various legal matters. An executor need not necessarily have to be a financial or legal expert, but can be a trusted family member. If you have a will, the executor’s primary job will be to follow the directions laid out in your will. If an individual does not name an executor before passing away, the court will appoint one.

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