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Instances When Probate Litigation May Be Required

Probate Family Law

After a death, matters pertaining to the decedent’s debts and assets are resolved through the probate process. In many cases, probate is straightforward and is easily settled. However, sometimes probate litigation may be necessary to resolve claims. It’s always a good idea to retain the services of a lawyer when dealing with probate court in Conroe, TX. A probate lawyer can help you in the event that probate litigation is needed, such as if you believe it necessary to authenticate a will. Your lawyer might contest a will if you believe that the document was not drafted properly or the signature may not be valid.

It’s not uncommon for the terms of a decedent’s will to become a source of disagreement among the heirs. You’ll need the services of a skilled probate attorney in the event that you need to dispute the will or if another heir has disputed the will. Another reason why probate litigation may be necessary is if a loved one dies intestate (without a last will and testament). In these cases, an attorney can facilitate the process of determining the rightful heirs.

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