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When You Should Consider Filing for Guardianship

Filing For Guardinship

You might consider filing for guardianship with the help of a family law attorney if you have a family member who is no longer capable of behaving in a manner consistent with his or her own interests. For example, a family member may become physically incapacitated through an accident, or as a result of being hospitalized on a long-term basis. An attorney in Spring, TX, may also help you file for guardianship if a loved one has become mentally incapacitated. For example, an adult child may have special mental or emotional needs, or be entitled to receive social security benefits. In such cases, guardianships are critical to getting the child much needed help. Guardianship may also be sought if the individual could be considered incapable of making financial decisions, such as in cases where the proposed ward is a minor.

Since guardianship of a disabled child or an adult requires making crucial, potentially life-changing decisions, it’s important to proceed cautiously. You can receive the legal guidance you need when you consult a lawyer about this aspect of family law. Finally, your family lawyer can also help you seek guardianship of an individual whom you believe is not being adequately represented by a person who holds power of attorney.

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