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Should You Change Your Will After Divorce?

Divorce lawyers serving Spring, TX, regularly advise their clients to change their wills after a divorce. While in this process, you should also make any necessary adjustments to your living will and power of attorney.

Divorce lawyers caution all clients amend their wills and the beneficiary designations for life insurance, 401Ks, IRAs, and any other documents where a former spouse is named as beneficiary. After you file divorce papers, you may feel understandably emotional. While making changes to wills and trusts may be the last thing on your mind, you need to consult with a probate lawyer or divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Effectively, even though a divorce “disinherits” your spouse, failure to be vigilant may result in your own children and other beneficiaries becoming effectively disinherited. Ideally, you should review your will, living will, and trusts before filing for divorce, and, if not, most certainly afterwards. That way, your former spouse will not be able to unfairly pursue your individual resources.