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Blog Posts in February, 2017

Factors to Consider Before Agreeing to Be an Executor

The executor of an estate is responsible for filing the will in the probate court, notifying beneficiaries, locating and managing assets, and consulting an estate planning attorney in The Woodlands. ...
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Comparing Common Law and Community Property States

For many couples, living in either a common law or community property state is only relevant when a divorce is imminent or when one spouse dies. The designation of the state you live in will influence ...
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Should You Talk to Your Heirs About Your Will?

After visiting a will attorney in The Woodlands, you might consider discussing your estate plan with your family members or other beneficiaries. You do not have an obligation to divulge the details of ...
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Authenticating a Will Through Probate

When an executor probates a will in Houston, part of the probate process involves the authentication of the will. In many cases, the will is authenticated without a problem. Occasionally, a party in ...
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